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We need to deliver more exciting, engaging and value-added interactive content to stand out from the crowd. Did you know? – Interactive content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than others.

Outgrow lets you engage your customers and prospects with its eight types of interactive content tools. These include calculators, quizzes, polls, ratings, chatbots, ecommerce recommendations, forms / surveys, and contests / giveaways that help you grow your business.

Startups and small businesses can take advantage of interactive content.

Most startups and early stage small businesses don’t have the resources or manpower to develop an engaging campaign. However, interactive content can engage users and help them reach a targeted audience.

Interactive content is the door to multiple engagement, especially for new starters that don’t have a lot of organic traffic and subscribers. It paves the way for them by generating leads that are relevant to the business.

For example, a small travel business can create interactive content like contests or giveaways such as “Share your favorite travel story and win a 2-day trip to Paris” to attract new customers. This brings in heaps of relevant and personalized data that can send special offers and discounts to prospects. Ultimately, this increases the chances of conversion.

Likewise, a new bank can create interactive content like a calculator such as “How long will it take to pay off my credit card” and integrate it into their website to provide real-time solutions and earn the money. trust new prospects to grow your brand.

Finally, the interactive content makes you stand out from the crowd. An easy-to-use yet advanced interactive content generator is Outgrow. This platform offers over 8 types of interactive content to choose from and comes with built-in analytics to collect data and measure content performance.

Why choose Outgrow?

Interactive content comes in a variety of forms. Choosing one would be like choosing candy from a full jar. Therefore, a smart solution would be to go for an all-in-one toolkit like Outgrow, which offers plans with multiple interactive content. Basically one plan – several solutions.

However, if you have to start with one, it will depend on the requirements of your brand. If you are a financial organization or a SaaS startup, a calculator would be a must for you. However, if you are an ecommerce startup, your choice should be an ecommerce recommendation quiz. A research company would make maximum use of forms and surveys, while a digital marketing company would want to invest in a quiz on results.

Going with an interactive content creator like Outgrow would be the best bet. Users can opt for profitable plans that come with many or all types of interactive content. In addition, Outgrow also offers a free plan for startups to create free surveys and forms.

How do you choose the most useful interactive content platforms?

Choosing one of these great interactive content tools on the market could be tricky. So here are some things to check before finalizing a builder for your business:

  • It is a code-free and easy to use platform
  • Hosts several types of interactive content
  • Offers predefined templates that can be personalized or used as is
  • It comes with built-in analytics to collect data and examine content performance
  • Supports integrations with various other software
  • Presents good user reviews
  • Provides excellent customer support

Outgrow comes with robust features, 8 types of interactive content, economical and personalized pricing, a 7-day free trial, and even a free plan. Give it a try if you want a hassle-free interactive content generator.

Go beyond applications

Outgrow has many customers who are happy with their successes.

“Golf Avenue, one of the largest online retailers of golf equipment, wanted to know the preferences of its customers and, at the same time, needed a solution to help its users identify the right equipment for them. the best. So they created a quiz with Outgrow called “Guess Your Handicap” that asks questions like number of birdies, golf balls lost, length of a stroke etc. This helped their prospects get exciting solutions, and Golf Avenue got qualified leads and satisfied customers. As a result, they had over 248,000 quiz visits, over 82,000 leads and a 33% conversion rate! “said Dr Saksham Sharda, founder of Outgrow.

“Another happy story comes from VenturePact, a software development marketplace that helps companies find and hire developers and designers. VenturePact created a mobile app calculator with Outgrow to increase engagement on their platform. forms a 41% overall increase in conversion rate, ”added Dr Sharda.

About growth

Outgrow is a platform that helps you create and manage interactive content in a few easy steps and for free. Outgrow lets you create 8 types of interactive content like quizzes, calculators, polls, and assessments without coding. It comes with a 7-day free trial to let users explore content creation with the best plans without spending any money. So visit their site and give it a try!

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