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Ahmedabad: As we celebrated the declaration of Ahmedabad as a World Heritage Site in July 2017, a glance at the official website of the Ahmedabad Municipal Society would suggest that the civic body has yet to receive the good news. “Ahmedabad will be the first Indian city to receive UNESCO World Heritage City status – a provisional application accepted by UNESCO for the same,” says its official website This excerpt is part of a note that Padmashri and the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner BV Doshi wrote for AMC when it was put on the Unesco Tentative List in 2011. And even four years after that. Ahmedabad has been awarded the label of being India’s first World Heritage City, AMC has not shown much interest in updating the website with relevant information.
What is even more shocking is that with the exception of the temple of Bhadrakali, no monument in the walled city, not even a haveli or a wooden house of the hundred-year-old pols, has reached the ahmedabadcity. – the subtitle of a domain page linked to the AMC website which celebrates the city’s status in Unesco.
Interestingly, no heritage site, including 65 Jain temples – some as old as the city itself – and Islamic monuments known the world over for their syncretic mix of Saracen and Indian architectural styles, commonly referred to as “Gujarat style”, could not find a place on this web page.
The Siddi Sayed Mosque, the Rani Sipri Mosque, Jumma Masjid, Jhoolta Minara, Rani no Hajiro and not even the 12 doors of Ahmedabad which are part of the official Ahmedabad file to Unesco have not been recognized.
Instead, if you click on the ‘World Heritage City’ banner on the AMC website, the site will display buildings that are not on the World Heritage List and which are also outside the World Heritage List. fortified town. These include Kankaria Lake, Gandhi Ashram, Vastrapur Lake, Sardar Patel Memorial, Calico Museum, Kite Museum, Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum, Hanuman Mandir Camp, Adalaj ni Vav, Sarkhej Roza, Vaishnodevi Temple and even the edge of the river. But wait, there is even more disappointment in store when you click on the pictures of these “heritage monuments”. The link takes you to the “Way Back Machine on the Internet Archive,” a site that stores images of home pages from web sites from the past. If you really want to know the Unesco status of the city, it is available at, details of which have been provided by AMC.
Rajesh Dave, chair of the CMA Recreation, Culture and Heritage Committee, told TOI he was not aware of the issue and would look into it.

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