Apple Days offers from Vijay Sales: iPhone 13 at Rs 61,900; AirPods Pro at Rs 17,990 and more


Vijay Sales is hosting an Apple Days sale which will start today. Sales offers will be valid in its retail stores and on the Vijay Sales website. Apple iPhone 13, MacBook Air with M1 chipset, 9th generation iPad will all be available with cashback and at reduced prices. Here is an overview of all the offers.

Apple Days by Vijay Sales: iPhone 13 offers

The iPhone 13 will start at Rs 75,9000 instead of the MRP of Rs 79,900. HDFC bank card holders will also be eligible for a cashback of Rs 6,000 which will bring the price down to Rs 69,900. However, keep in mind that cashback is usually credited after 90 days. All refund offers are for HDFC Bank debit and credit cards only. Read our iPhone 13 review here.

Vijay Sales also offers additional discounts to users who trade in an older smartphone and if the device has a minimum trade-in value of Rs 5,000, the user will receive an additional Rs 3,000 as a trade bonus. This could bring the price down to Rs 61,900, assuming we bludgeon the HDFC bank and trade in a bonus offer. Keep in mind that a phone with a higher trade-in value will get a better discount bonus.

The iPhone 13 mini will start at Rs 66,400 with a cashback of Rs 6,000 for HDFC bank cards, while the iPhone 13 Pro will start at Rs 13,900 and this will bring in Rs 5,000 for HDFC Bank cards. The iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at Rs 1,23,400 with the same cashback offer as the Pro. Read our review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max here and the iPhone 13 Pro here.

Product Offer price Cash Back (HDFC CC / DC) Effective offer price
iPhone 13 75,900 6000 69,900
iPhone 13 mini 66,400 6000 60,400
iPhone 13 Pro 1 13 900 5,000 1 08 900
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 23 400 5,000 1 18 400
iPhone 11 47,400 4000 43,400
iPhone 12 61,299 5,000 56,299
iPad 9e Generator 29,600 3000 26,600
iPad Air 4e Generator 50,900 4000 46,900
iPad Pro 67,500 4000 63,500
Macbook Air with M1 chip 83,610 6000 77 610
Macbook Pro with M1 chip 1 10 610 7,000 1 03 610
Macbook Pro with the latest M1 Pro chip 1 81 200 10,000 1 71,200
Apple Watch Series 7 39,100 3000 36,100
Apple Watch SE Series 27,900 2,000 25,900
AirPod 2sd Generator 12,400 1,500 10,900
AirPod 3e Generator 17,300 2,000 15,300
AirPods Pro 20,490 2500 17 990
AirPods Pro with Magsafe 22,900 2500 20,400
Airpods Max 50,900 50,900
Home Pod Mini 9,490 1000 8,490

The older iPhone 11 starts at Rs 47,400 with Rs 4,000 cashback, while the iPhone 12 starts at Rs 61,299 and Rs 5,000 cashback. Vijay Sales will also offer 10% off in stores when purchasing any Applecare + with any iPhone.

Apple Days by Vijay Sales: offers on iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods

The 9th generation iPad starts at Rs 29,600 with a cashback of Rs 3,000 on HDFC Bank cards. The 4th generation iPad Air starts at Rs 50,900 with a cashback of Rs 4000. The iPad Pro starts at Rs 67,500 with a cashback of Rs 4000. There is a 10 percent discount for those who buy AppleCare + with an iPad.

The MacBook Air with an M1 chip starts at Rs 83,610 with Rs 6,000 cashback for HDFC bank cards. With cashback, the price goes down to Rs 77 610.

The Macbook Pro with M1 chip starts at Rs 1.10, 610 with Rs 7000 cashback, thus bringing the price down to Rs 1,03,610. And the new Macbook Pro with the latest M1 Pro chip starts at Rs 1,81,200 with Rs 10,000 cashback. This can effectively bring down the price to Rs 1,71,200 for the base variant of the new MacBook Pro. However, more RAM and storage and versions of the M1 Pro Max chipset have a higher starting price. It is not clear if they are also eligible for cashback.

Those who buy AppleCare + with any MacBook will get up to 15% off for the same.

The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at Rs 39,100 with a cashback of Rs 3,000, while the Apple Watch SE starts at Rs 27,900 and a cashback of Rs 3,000 as well. There is a 10% discount for those who buy AppleCare + with the watch.

Apple’s 2ng AirPods start at Rs 12,400, while the latest 3rd generation AirPods will start at Rs 17,300. Both get cash back of up to Rs 2,000. Pro AirPods start at Rs 20,490, while AirPods Pro with Magsafe charging start at Rs 22,900. Cashback on these is Rs 2,500. AirPods Max start at Rs 50,900 instead of MRP of Rs 59,900. There is no cashback on these latter.

Finally, the HomePod mini starts at Rs 9,490, compared to the MRP of Rs 9,900. It gets Rs 1,000 cashback for HDFC Bank cardholders.


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