Boulder Launches New Emergency Preparedness Webpage


Boulder has a new online resource for emergency preparedness.

The webpage, which was in the works prior to the recent wildfires in Boulder and surrounding communities, is intended to help the community prepare for wildfires, floods and other emergencies.

“We realized we had a variety of useful web pages on our city website dedicated to individual types of disasters – separate pages for wildfires and floods, for example – but no comprehensive, centralized web page. linking these pages and serving as a one-stop-shop for much-needed emergency information for most types of emergencies,” city spokeswoman Samantha Glavin wrote in an email.

This includes information on everything from signing up for emergency alerts, knowing how to pack a duffel bag, and having an emergency plan together.

Boulder’s natural environment as well as climate change make it essential for residents to be prepared to respond quickly in the event of a wildfire, flood or other disaster, the city noted in a news release. hurry.

Boulder’s location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, at the mouth of a number of canyons with 15 major creeks running through the city, puts it at greater risk of natural disasters, according to the city.

Additionally, the Front Range is susceptible to wildfires and drought.

“Boulder’s unique geography makes us very vulnerable to extreme weather events, and with climate change increasing the frequency and severity of events like these, it’s important that we make it as quick and easy as possible. as possible for community members to learn how to sign up for alerts and know the steps to take to prepare for emergencies,” added Glavin.

The new site is available online at


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