Configure Tor v3: migrate Tor hidden services to protocol version 3


When you talk about the Darknet, you are usually referring to the Tor network – a part of the Internet that conventional browsers and Google searches stay hidden from. Here, the data is encrypted multiple times and sent around the world in order to conceal the location and identity of the user. Originally developed for secret service agents, journalists and activists, but also criminals, they use the darknet to escape prosecution by regimes and law enforcement.

But Darknet also has its practicalities: the Tor daemon and Tor browser can find a way to access Darknet from almost any Internet connection, even if network connections are limited to a few ports by a barrier. fire. And you can safely operate a web server, local data dump, or other services through the Tor daemon; it even works in hotel WLAN or with home DSL router without otherwise mandatory port sharing.

Thanks to Tor2Web public gateways such as, these services can even be reached by anyone without Tor, you just need to know the onion domain name and add “” instead of “.onion” “. But Onion domain names now need to be swapped, as the Tor network now uses a new, more secure protocol and will disable old Onion services until mid-October 2021.

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