Disabled accessible screenshots have been added to the High Court website


New Delhi [India], June 27 (ANI): All High Court websites now include Disabled Accessible (PwD) captures in an effort to make the digital infrastructure of India’s justice system more accessible. became. Sunday.

The installation was launched under the direction of the Electronic Committee of the Supreme Court of India.

These captures serve as entry points to access some important aspects of the court’s website, such as decisions / orders, case lists and status checks.

Many High Court websites traditionally only use visual captures that are inaccessible to the visually impaired, preventing people with disabilities from independently accessing this content. In collaboration with all the Hautes Cours, the e-Committee produced visual captures accompanied by textual / audio captures to allow visually impaired people to access the content of the site.

On December 16, 2020, the chairman of the Justice e-Committee DY Chandrachud recommends that all High Courts ensure that people with disabilities have access to digital infrastructure in accordance with the constitutional and statutory eligibility of people with disabilities. did.

Following this, the e-Committee developed an action plan during phase 1 of this project to ensure access to the digital interface of all High Court websites.

According to the Justice Department, the Electronic Commission will hold a series of sessions for all High Court central project coordinators and their technical teams to ensure accessibility of the digital interface of all High Court websites. . Training enriched and provided. Generate an accessible PDF.

The e-Committee is also in the process of developing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for generating accessible court documents and will serve as a user guide for its stakeholders. It also fixes issues like watermarks, manual content entry, incorrect buffer placement, and inaccessibility of file paging.

Another important initiative carried out by the e-Committee in collaboration with the NIC is to create a judgment search portal (https://judgments.ecourts.gov.in) accessible to people with disabilities. The portal contains the final judgments and orders issued by all the High Courts. The portal uses a free text search engine. In addition, the portal offers the possibility of using audio capture with text capture. It also uses an accessible combo box, which makes it easy for the visually impaired to navigate the website.

People with disabilities can also access the e-Committee website (https://ecommitteesci.gov.in/) and the e-Courts website (https://ecourts.gov.in/ecourts_home/). The e-Committee web page is created on the S3WAAS platform and complies with standards that allow people with disabilities to access the website.

The e-Committee training program for lawyers also educates supporters to adopt accessible filing practices. (ANI)


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