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Mesquite and the Texas Department of Transportation are working on several projects in the city, including roads, water pipes, underground storage tanks, and landscaping.

Here are the city’s latest updates on these projects.

Mesquite Heritage Trail

Project description: The Mesquite Heritage Trail, which connects to a larger bike path between Garland and Richardson, is being built to extend the current hiking, biking and running trail.

Status: The design is 100% complete. City, County, and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are reviewing the trail crossing under US-80. The passage will be funded by the city of Mesquite and built by TxDOT after the completion of US-80.

Expected completion date: 2024

Reconstruction of US-80 from Town East Boulevard to Belt Line Road

Project description: This project includes the reconstruction of the interchange with IH-635 and improvements on IH-635 between Town Center Drive and US-80. The project will rebuild and widen the highway and improve interchanges with city streets, including the Gus Thomasson, Galloway and Belt Line roads.

Status: 60% of the design is complete.

Expected completion date: Unavailable

Military promenade trail

Project description: The 1.7-mile trail construction project will connect downtown Galloway Avenue to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo. It includes a 10 to 12 foot wide trail that will run along the south side of Military from Galloway to Rodeo Center, where it will then turn north to connect to the existing sidewalk at Rodeo Drive. The project is led and partially funded by Dallas County.

Status: The design is 100% complete.

Expected Completion Date: June 2022

Matthew Holzapfel Pumping Station in County Kaufman

Project description: Design and construct a drinking water pumping station and associated ground storage tanks in Kaufman County to supply Mesquite lands and certain unincorporated lands with potable water from the town system.

Status: The construction contract has been awarded and excavation has started on the site. Over the next month, full excavation of the reservoir site is expected to be completed.

Expected Completion Date: Unavailable

IH-635 / LBJ East

Project description: TxDOT reconstructs a segment of I-635, from US 75 to I-30. The reconstruction will provide five main lanes and two managed lanes in both directions, continuous frontage roads starting at Town East Boulevard, and a complete reconstruction of the I-30 / I-635 interchange.

For more complete information on the I-635 LBJ East project, visit the TxDOT webpage here and the explanatory brochure of the Mesquite project here.

Status: The project is under construction and is 10% complete. The project involves day and night road closures. For more information on road closures or to subscribe to updates, click here.

Expected Completion Date: 2024

Gus Thomasson Road Repair Project

Project description: Sections of Gus Thomasson Road will be repaired with asphalt paving, IH-30 at Whitson Way and Santiago Drive at Maylee Boulevard. The existing asphalt surface will be replaced by a new one. Prior to the pavement replacement, several locations will undergo in-depth repair to correct areas where the soil under the pavement has failed.

Status: The project is under construction and is 5% complete. Over the next few months, the contractor will complete the removal and replacement of the concrete pavement. Once the concrete replacement is complete, new asphalt will be placed over the entire roadway to create a smooth running surface.

Expected completion date: Unavailable

Town East Boulevard Phase 2 Reconstruction Project (US 80 to Skyline Drive)

Project description: The existing six-lane road will be rebuilt to a four-lane road from Skyline Drive to Forney Road and the section from Forney Road to US 80 will be rebuilt to a six-lane section. The newly paved pavement will have thick concrete pavement sections to support the large volume of heavy truck traffic. This project will also include improvements to underground utilities and drainage. The four-lane section south of Forney Road will be relocated to reduce the impact of industrial traffic on residents living in the neighboring neighborhood. This change will also allow the addition of a walking and cycling path and an eight-foot barrier wall for the neighboring neighborhood.

Status: Construction is 40% complete, which includes Phase 1 utilities and storm sewer work.

Expected completion date: December 2021


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