Fuel’s website goes dark; the queues are getting worse


COLOMBO (News 1st); The website showing fuel availability at petrol stations, created and operated by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and ICTA, has been temporarily closed.

According to a notice on the webpage, the site had been temporarily closed due to instructions from relevant authorities.

However, queues at petrol stations across the country had also emerged today.

Tensions arose this morning when government officials and police were lined up in a separate queue for fuel at the Puttalam Co-operative petrol station. Those standing in line alleged that officials were abusing their privileges.

Meanwhile, MP Sanath Nishantha’s brother Jagath Samantha was seen attacking a man who came to collect fuel. The injured man was later admitted to Chilaw Hospital.

The injured said they were denied fuel on the grounds that they were members of a certain political party, while Jagath Samantha said the person in question came to collect fuel from a barrel.

Madurankuliya CEYPETCO gas station on the main Colombo-Puttalam road was refueled last night, and a heated situation arose when someone outside the queue was preparing to refuel.

Meanwhile, people staged a protest at the Negombo Koppara junction on the main Negombo-Colombo road to demand fuel, and some were upset when the Hokandara IOC gas station announced that the gas station would be closed for 5 days. due to lack of fuel.

Meanwhile, News 1st has received footage showing a woman getting fuel from a fuel tanker along Marine Drive in Bambalapitiya.

A person believed to be the owner of the bowser also later arrived at the scene.

Bambalapitiya police, who investigated the incident, said no irregularities occurred as the arbor owner bought fuel from him and gave it to his wife.

Queues for jet fuel were also seen in many parts of the country as our cameras captured a queue at Grandpass this morning.

Those queuing said that about 17 or 18 people had not even received a drop of fuel and that as their own food difficulties increased they had to resort to using coconut husks as fuel.

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