Google Chrome will soon let you add sticky notes directly to web pages


A few months ago, Google revealed that it was going to add a personal “Notes” section to its now famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) side panel, which houses many useful features for quick access. Microsoft Edge has had it for a while and was honestly one of my favorite features when I tested it as a Chromebook user trying to use Windows for a week.

Now, according to Leopeva 64-2 on Reddit, Chrome will also allow you to add notes directly to a web page – the same way one would mark up comments on a Google Doc or PDFs and images in Google Drive. Check it out below – highlighting and right-clicking some text and choosing the “Add Comment” button in Edge currently produces this result, and the Redditor discovered Chromium commits that indicate Google is following the same path.

Called when the note creation UX should be displayed in the UI layer. |limits| matches the location on the web page where the associated highlight is located and should be compared to existing notes in the UI to determine where the new note should be inserted.

This could be extremely useful for those who don’t necessarily feel the need to bookmark an entire webpage in order to recall or save part of the information on the page. Personally, I like this idea of ​​having a notes section, but I will say that I wish it was integrated directly into Google Keep instead of just being stored on the browser layer.

These notes can not only be called up on the page where they were highlighted and created, but also via the side panel on the right side. There is even an option to hide all page annotations, which is what these comments or notes are called, at least in Edge. Once this feature rolls out to Chrome, I’m sure it will closely mirror what Microsoft is doing as it’s all Chromium-based, but it’s still possible it could be quite different since the two teams are taking drastically different approaches to similar features. .


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