Google extends migration deadline to its new website builder


Google has once again postponed the deadline for its Migrating Google Sites from June 1, 2022 to the end of the year.

The company first announced plans to replace the classics Google Sites with a brand new offer in 2017, telling users they had until December 1, 2021 to upgrade to the new website builder.

Although this is now the third time the not-so-tough deadline has been moved, Google says it won’t impact the transition for users with personal Google Accounts.

Conversion from the classic Google Sites builder

The new schedule means that from December 1, 2022, users will no longer be able to edit remaining classic Google sites in the domain they own, and one month after that, classic sites will no longer be visible unless they are converted to the new offer. .

After January 1, 2023, Google will replace all remaining classic versions with a Takeout archive and attempt to convert every classic site to the new version. After migration, all classic sites will no longer be available.

“To ensure a smooth transition and access to new Sites features, end users and administrators are encouraged to use the Classic Sites Manager to complete the migration and convert individual classic sites to new Google Sites before December 1, 2022. “, Google said in a recent blog post.

“Check your domain settings before January 1, 2023 to ensure a successful migration, and you will be notified once all sites in your domain have been migrated.

Google estimates that the migration process could take several months for each domain making the move, depending on the number and complexity of each website.

TechRadar Pro has contacted Google to find out why the deadline has been shifted three times since the announcement of the planned migration.

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