How to Browse Gopher Network in Linux 2022


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Check How to Browse Gopher Network in Linux

Gopher is an application layer protocol for retrieving and displaying web documents stored on remote web servers. Gopher was designed in 1991 as one of the first data/file access protocols for the Internet to work over a TCP/IP network. It was developed at the University of Minnesota and is named after the school’s mascot. Gopher was designed to access a web server or database on the Internet.

This requires the files to be stored in a menu-like hierarchy on a Gopher server, accessible through a Gopher-enabled client browser and/or directly. Initially, it only supported accessing text files/documents, then some image formats like GIF and JPEG were also supported. Gopher has been superseded by the HTTP protocol and currently only has a few implementations.

Gopher-based databases, servers, or websites can be accessed through two search engines: Veronica and Jughead. To search the Gopher network in Linux, you can follow the steps below.

How to Browse Gopher Network in Linux

with gophers

You can browse Gopher like it’s 1991 by installing a text-based Gopher browser. One option is the official Gopher client.

  • To install Gopher on a Debian or Ubuntu system:
  • On Arch Linux and its derivatives:
  • And on Red Hat-based distros:
  • To use it, type “gophers” next to the address you want to go to, like a web browser. A good way to test it is the Floodgap Gopher page.
    • gopher

with the lynx

Another option is to use the Lynx text browser.

  • On Debian/Ubuntu you can install Lynx with APT:
  • To install Lynx on Arch Linux, run:
  • And to the Red Hat family:
  • Lynx is a better option as it supports both web and gophers. It also has a more attractive interface. You can access Gopher sites as if you were using a web browser, but replace “HTTP” with “gopher” in the URL:
    • gopher lynx://

Final Words: How to Browse the Gopher Network in Linux

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