How to turn a webpage to PDF in Linux


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Check out how to turn webpage to PDF in Linux

There are many reasons why you want to convert a web page to a PDF document. And there are many ways to convert this webpage (HTML) to PDF. Watch this video tutorial on how to convert HTML webpage to PDF document on Ubuntu Linux. Wkhtmltopdf is a simple and powerful command line utility that allows users to convert any HTML page (web page) to PDF document or image (jpg, png, etc.).

Wkhtmltopdf is written in the C ++ programming language and distributed under the GNU / GPL (General Public License). It uses the WebKit rendering design engine to convert HTML pages to PDF documents without affecting the quality of the pages. It really is a very useful and reliable solution for creating and saving snapshots of web pages in real time.

How to convert HTML to PDF

  • Install wkhtmltopdf on Linux
  • To install wkhtmltopdf on distributions based on Ubuntu and Debian: sudo apt install wkhtmltopdf
  • On Arch based distributions like Manjaro Linux: sudo pacman -S wkhtmltopdf
  • Installing wkhtmltopdf on RHEL-based distributions like Fedora and CentOS is also easy.
  • Basic syntax The basic syntax of the command is: wkhtmltopdf filename of web page… where web page is the URL of the web page you want to convert and the filename is the name of the output PDF file.
  • To convert the Google home page to a PDF document: wkhtmltopdf google.pdf

Final words: How to turn a webpage to PDF in Linux

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