Latest 360 degree photos of the Avon Lake Generating Station


A local photographer, Mark Madere, owner of SpectraLight Photography, took the last known interior photos of the soon to be demolished power station.

“I created a webpage with 360 degree photos I took of the now closed GenOn Power Plant at Avon Lake. These are the only 360-degree photos ever taken of the plant during its 91-year lifespan and the last interior photos taken before it closed,” Madere said.

The power plant was almost 100 years old when it was closed on April 1. The plant was owned by GenOn Holdings and was sold to Charah Solutions of Louisville, Kentucky. Charah Solutions has a subsidiary, Avon Lake Environmental Redevelopment Group. Once the factory has been completely demolished and the land reclaimed to be converted into a public redevelopment on the 40 acres along the lake, it will then be sold to another owner.

A decorated hallway in the historic Avon Lake Power Plant.

Madere, an award-winning photographer, lives with his family in North Ridgeville where he has his photography studio. Although he is known for his particularly unique 360-degree photography technique, he also does business with individuals as well as schools and businesses for traditional photography. In addition, he has taught high school and college photography classes and presented on “Photo Restoration – The Art and Science of Resurrecting Damaged and Faded Photographs”.

Madera said he was pleased with his work on the powerhouse for historical purposes and invites people to visit his website where they can “spin” photos of the iconic powerhouse at (From SpectraLight Photography: Click anywhere on the 360 ​​degree photos and move your mouse in any direction to see all around.)


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