Moon Knight hides free comics in every episode


The first two episodes of Disney+’s Moon Knight series have hidden QR codes that link to free digital copies of the original Moon Knight comics.

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 2, “Summon the Suit,” now streaming on Disney+.

marvel’s moon knight takes Easter eggs to the next level by placing QR codes in episodes, leading eagle-eyed fans to free digital comics. Internet sleuths and Easter egg hunters have revealed that episodes 1 and 2 of moon knight contain QR codes that, when scanned, lead to a website hosting various comics featuring the titular hero himself.

So far, it looks like only one code will appear in each episode if the show’s runners continue this trend in future episodes of moon knight. The first QR code can be seen on the wall to the left of the sarcophagus display case when Steven Grant talks to the young girl in the museum in episode 1. The second QR code can be seen in episode 2 when Steven finds the locker Marc Spector’s storage where the code is neatly placed next to the locker number.

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After spotting the first QR code in Episode 1, curious fans decided to scan the code and, low and behold, the code actually works. After being scanned, the code links to a page on Marvel’s website that hosts various moon knight comics that inspired the Disney+ series. The comics currently on the page are Night Werewolf #32 and #33, which feature the very first appearance of Moon Knight. The two-issue arc shows Moon Knight being tricked into trying to capture Jack Russell (aka Werewolf by Night) by the villainous committee.

It’s a pretty big and generous Easter egg given that a night werewolf The series is on the horizon and is currently slated for a fall 2022 release. The titular werewolf may not appear in the first season of moon knightbut it’s clear that lead writer Jeremy Slater and director Mohamed Diab are heavily influenced by the supernatural side of moon knight. These comics could also hint at future villains in the series, such as the previously mentioned committee.

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It will be very interesting to see what other comics are added to this page as the show continues. By dropping these codes in episodes, the moon knight the creators add an intriguing and delightful ARG-like element that gives fans a unique way to speculate on where the series is headed. Hopefully the codes will be a recurring feature throughout the remaining four episodes.

To add a little icing to those already sweet Easter eggs, Marvel is offering a promo code, “KHONSHU,” for 80% off the first month of Marvel Unlimited for a new subscriber. It definitely looks like Marvel wants moon knight fans and newcomers to have their cake, eat it… and then have another cake. Giving away these codes and free comics is a great way to appeal to all kinds of fans who just can’t get enough of Moon Knight or want to learn more about the character before the next episode begins. With only four episodes remaining, fans are surely keeping their eyes peeled for more coded treasures.

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