Nas – Nas Is Good Lyrics


“Nas – Nas Is Good Lyrics”

Start of the Escobar season

[Verse 1]
Edit the game like a photo editor
Camera they have to roll the credits
As entered and he stole the gasoline
Before they water it down and teach us wrong lessons
Written in stone, write anything in your history books
Me and the complexion of ancient Egypt had similar appearances
On my trip to Kairo I felt at home on arrival

I swam in the Red Sea, took a boat on the Nile
It’s in my blood to drive to drive these cars and experience this big
Escobar cigars avoiding prison bars, Nas
I deserve the wires in my closet
Big Boy Deposits, Nike Stocks, and Stock Tips
Catch up with those who were ahead of the game
Used to point out the expulsion which had a red mark

The lights were out, that’s why we sip black
Play the fool at the Queensbridge Park swimming pool
Niggas wouldn’t survive in my neighborhood
Shoot with all my jewelry, Nas is good
Nas is good, my nigga Nas is good

Ha, I love my hood so much that I go out in a blazing shootout
See I can’t go, I would throw it all away, shit
A big thumbs up to DU forever

[Verse 2]
Now you’re all awake, I laugh at niggas
You all used to say “Nas is talking about this anti-establishment affair”
Look at my settlement cases, gave their asses stitches
Used to put bottles on faces, all we ask is forgiveness
My past history full of sins, somehow got a cleanse
In 2010, the Ministry of Justice wrote to me looking for a friend of mine
I don’t know where he was, I didn’t even have a clue

And even if I did, a nigga would never tell
Cheat code I entered my greatness
Freaky bitches throw their pussy out and party so
Raised by a queen, that’s the only reason I made it
King’s disease, the occurrence, that shit has been revived

Death to the pessimistic state of mind
Lack of hope motherfuckers with low morale
Life to the king [?] king’s ransom, living handsome, ha
Yo Hit, we made it
King’s disease II


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