Outraged residents raise funds to support Pennsylvania Library denied county funds to host LGBTQ support group


A Fulton County nurse perusing her local newspaper was stunned to see a headline that left her “flabbergasted”.

According to a Washington Post report, Sarah Cutchall, 32, read the following headline in the Nov. 11 edition of Fulton County News: “County Denies Request for Additional Library Funding,” with the caption: “Opposed to LGBTQ + Group Meeting at Library.” “

Cutchall learned from the article that while the Fulton County Library, located in McConnellsburg, has been receiving $ 12,000 per year since 2016, county commissioners have decided not to approve additional funding of $ 3,000 for the library, according to the report.

A commissioner, Paula Shives, voted to approve the funding, but the reasoning behind the refusal of the two Republican county commissioners, Randy Bunch and Stuart Ulsh, to approve it, was that the library had recently agreed to host LGBTQ support. every two weeks. group – a rally they disagreed with, The Post reported.

The Washington Post quoted the Fulton County News, which reported that the two Republican commissioners said the LGBTQ group would be considered a “hate group.”

“If we support them, we have to support Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter,” Bunch said at a meeting of commissioners on Nov. 2, according to The Post.

“For an elected official to openly say these discriminatory things, I couldn’t even deal with him,” Cutchall, who has lived his entire life in Fulton County, told The Post.

Cutchall noted that she did not allow “these people to speak for me”. Wanting to send a message to the LGBTQ + community that “they have allies in their corner,” she took action. On November 11, hoping to raise $ 3,000 for the Fulton County Library, she launched a fundraiser on Facebook.

The move exceeded his expectations and in just three hours the goal was surpassed and reached nearly $ 10,000 in a matter of days, The Post reported.

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer report, Emily Best, a local activist and former Fulton County resident now living in a neighboring county, also had an idea on how to push back. She launched a GoFundMe page which hoped to raise $ 12,000. As of Tuesday morning, 382 donors had contributed $ 14,495 on Best’s GoFundMe page.

Between the two fundraising efforts, more than $ 40,000 was raised to support the Fulton County Library, The Post reported.

Jamie Brambley, the director of the library, is stunned by the “show of support”. She is not sure at this point how the campaign funds will be allocated, but she has some ideas and will also solicit input from the community.


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