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I have proudly served Helena for over four decades and I humbly ask you to trust me for the Town Commission.

What are the three main problems facing the city?

1) Many residents believe that decisions made by the Commission are not always made in public meetings after discussions with City residents eager to share their thoughts and opinions.

2) Helena has many essential services such as our water and sewer systems, streets, parks, trails, ADA accommodations and emergency services that require more attention, investment and contribution from our residents.

3) It’s easy to forget that we need a lot to make this city run, both in terms of budget and people. Sometimes we create more work than our people can accomplish or for which they are budgeted.

What do you hope to accomplish in this position?

1) Protect Helena’s resources by spending taxpayer dollars wisely and responsibly, and spending money wisely and prudently, focusing on the essential services Helens expect. Ensure that the City provides access to all services, including ADA housing, partnerships with others on affordable housing and homelessness. Ensure that the City spends money wisely on infrastructure needs. We will have the opportunity next year with the stimulus money, with more inclusive discussions, to improve Custer Avenue, repair old streets, old water and sewer lines and needs sidewalks.

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