Vlogger Shares His Experience of Buying a 60-Year-Old Hindustan Ambassador


Hindustan Ambassadors is a car that holds a special place in the heart of an Indian car enthusiast. It was a popular car that had been in production for several decades. It was the first car made in India and it was popular among politicians and government. Hindustan Ambassador production stopped in 2014 and even today there are several well-maintained examples of the same available in India. We have also featured some of them on our website. Here we have a video where model car builder Rakesh Babu of Sudus Customs buys a 1962 Mark 2 Hindustan Ambassador. He also reveals his future plans with her. Rakesh Babu has built many miniature vehicles such as this Willys Jeep, this VW Beetle and more.

The video was uploaded by custom sudus on their YouTube channel. In this video, Rakesh Babu and his friend travel to Trivandrum to pick up the car. The former owner of the sedan who is friend of Rakesh Babu had informed him about the car. Mr. Babu wanted to check the condition of the vehicle first and then decide whether he wanted to buy it or not. It is a Mark 2 Hindustan Ambassador but the car has been restored by the owner. Mr. Babu agreed with the condition and finalized the deal.

After buying the car, he begins to drive it home, almost 170 km or 4-5 hours away. In the meantime, he stops to explain the condition of the car for the video. He also mentions that the owner of this sedan had done restoration work in the past but had not been using the car for very long and due to which several panels of the car had started to rust. Many of the car’s panels were also replaced during the restoration process.

The car comes with a grille that came from a last generation Ambassador. Rakesh Babu mentions that sourcing the original Mark 2 type grille is quite difficult and if he comes across one he will definitely replace it. The chrome and nickel plated bumper had lost its luster and there were also stains on it. Car headlights and chrome wheel covers are all stock units. One of the rear fender panels is completely rusted and part is missing. The license plate and the bumper and tailgate also have rust issues.

The interior of the car was also restored. The car’s original bench seats were replaced with bucket seats with bespoke seat covers. The rear seat is also upholstered in leather which provides a comfortable seating position for the occupants. The dashboard is completely original and most lights and gauges work. The steering wheel has been replaced and he is currently using a different model steering wheel. The horn and headlight stalk have also been repositioned.

Rakesh Babu mentioned that the car initially had a gasoline engine but later it was replaced with a 1.5 liter diesel engine. The car is officially a diesel vehicle on paper. This is a 1962 Hindustan Ambassador model and for a 60 year old car it appears to be in good condition. Rakesh Babu mentions that the car has no mechanical issues and he plans to fully restore it in the future.


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